SubZone Subwoofer Placement OptimizerSubZone Subwoofer Placement Optimizer
SubZone Subwoofer Placement Optimizer

SubZone Subwoofer Placement Optimizer: An App to Find the Perfect Subwoofer Place

The SubZone mobile app was created by the British startup Sonic Baume. It is designed to relieve subwoofer owners from the agonizing search for the best location for a subwoofer in a room. So far, the most common method for doing this has been trial and error. SubZone Subwoofer Placement Optimizer finds the optimal subwoofer position using image-source acoustic modeling.

The application only works for rectangular rooms – that is, in the vast majority of cases. It is enough to enter the required parameters about the geometry of the room and the location of the listening position. The result is a plan of the room, colored in red and blue colors according to the “hot-cold” principle, in ten gradations. And if the “hottest” place is not occupied, the subwoofer should be placed there.


“For years, the conventional wisdom was to put the subwoofer in a corner or crawl on all fours in search of a better spot,” said Chris Baume, director of Sonic Baume. “Now anyone can use the power of advanced acoustic modeling.”

The Sonic Baume SubZone app is available in 45 countries for iOS (version 15.6 and up) and Android (version 5.0 and up) with a US and European starting price of $1 or €1.

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