Devialet Gemini II

Devialet Gemini II: Sets a new standard


Today, I’m putting the flagship Gemini II True Wireless headphones from Devialet through their paces. Known for their luxurious acoustics and distinctive sound, Devialet’s wireless headphones have been a hit, despite some initial feedback on stability and fit. But they’ve always delivered an audiophile experience. Now, with the Gemini II, promising improved ergonomics and modern tech, let’s see how they fare against the competition.

Flagship headphones of the new generation Gemini II True Wireless from Devialet
Flagship headphones of the new generation Gemini II True Wireless from Devialet

Visual Impressions:

The Devialet Gemini IIs arrive in a compact box featuring specs and the motto “(Im)permeable sound,” possibly hinting at noise-canceling and transparent modes. Inside, alongside the charging case, are four pairs of silicone nozzles and a USB-C/USB-A cable. Notably, the case is now more compact, with a conventional lid and a stylish textured design. While it feels premium, it’s prone to fingerprints. The headphones are easily removable, thanks to strong magnets and deep niches. Plus, the case supports Qi wireless charging.

Devialet Gemini II is a modern premium TWS earphone.
Devialet Gemini II is a modern premium TWS earphone.


Available in Iconic White and Matte Black, the Gemini II looks modest yet neat. While the standard version exudes simplicity, there’s a premium Opera de Paris edition in Gold for those seeking exclusivity.

Despite minor design tweaks, like smaller and lighter earbuds, the overall assembly remains sturdy. However, design changes are subjective, and some may prioritize aesthetics over functionality.

The presence of good ANC noise reduction, high-quality microphones and a compact case is pleasing.


The redesigned Gemini II boasts 40% smaller and 30% lighter earbuds, improving comfort. While the fit isn’t perfect, it’s significantly better than its predecessor. Weighing just 6g, they’re comfortable for extended wear without additional ear pads.

Features and Interactions:

The Gemini II offers a mix of delights and disappointments in terms of functionality. With 10mm dynamic drivers and Bluetooth 5.2 with aptX codec, it delivers a solid audio experience. The patented Adaptive Noise Cancellation impresses, but transparency mode could be better. Touch-sensitive controls are overly sensitive, leading to accidental triggers, and the “smart” pause function isn’t always reliable.

Microphones for calls are a standout feature, providing clear voice transmission, rivaling top brands in this aspect. However, battery life is a letdown, offering only 5 hours on a single charge and 22 hours with the case, falling short compared to competitors.

Devialet Gemini II


Testing the Gemini II on various devices revealed an energetic and dynamic sound signature. While it offers a lively and colorful audio experience with impressive high-frequency resolution, Bluetooth limitations are noticeable, affecting transparency and nuances. The emphasis on bass, while entertaining, can be overwhelming. Subjectively, the Gemini II’s unique sound profile is captivating, offering an exciting and mobile listening experience.


Comparing the Gemini II to its predecessor and other TWS options highlights its improved presentation and high-frequency performance. However, competing models like the Noble FoKus Mystique and Astell&Kern AK UW100MKII offer distinct advantages in terms of clarity, drive, and autonomy, catering to different preferences within the audiophile segment.

Overall, the Devialet Gemini II stands out for its distinctive sound and design, despite some shortcomings in functionality and battery life.


The Devialet Gemini II sets a new standard for modern premium TWS earphones. Despite initial skepticism about the combination of audiophile sound and Bluetooth technology, this offering demands attention. With its pleasing sound signature, effective ANC noise reduction, high-quality microphones, and compact case, it delivers on many fronts. However, drawbacks such as the absence of an LDAC codec, relatively short battery life, and a high price tag are worth noting. Nevertheless, if the musical character aligns with your preferences, it’s worth considering before making a purchase.


Maximum Sound Level

120 dB SPL

Amplification Performance

THD+N* < 0.1% (measured for 100 dBSPL @1 kHz) (*Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise)

Frequency response (bandwidth)

5Hz – 20kHz


Bluetooth 5.2 with Multipoint (up to 2 devices simultaneously)
AAC, SBC, Qualcomm® AptX™

Devialet Gemini II