Final Audio UX2000 Review
Final Audio UX2000 Review
Final Audio UX2000 Review

Final Audio UX2000: Not too bad

I continue to review the products from Final Audio. This time it’s wireless, full-size headphones from the budget segment, the Final Audio UX2000 model .

The Final Audio UX2000 were unveiled in late 2023, featuring the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology and a noise reduction mode that adjusts to the environment. Stay tuned for a detailed review discussing the sound quality and other aspects.

Unpacking and packaging

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Commencing with the box, it possesses a dual-fold structure and lies flat. Upon my initial encounter, I was taken aback by how the headphones snugly fit within it. The first segment is not merely a mere cover, but rather a complete box, albeit with slender walls. As for the second segment, it is robust and crafted from white cardboard. Traditionally, the brand logo is prominently displayed on the top left of the box. Below it, the main features are listed, albeit regrettably in hieroglyphs. Nevertheless, they are partially comprehensible. On the right side, we observe an image of the headphones enclosed within a green rectangle, denoting their active noise reduction capability. Positioned at the very bottom are the model name, Bluetooth version, and color.

Complete set :

  • Final Audio UX2000 headphones
  • cable 1.2 meters 3.5 mm mini Jack – 3.5 mm mini Jack (for wired connection)
  • cable 30 cm USB type c – USB A (for charging headphones)
  • user manual and information to read before use



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Acoustic parameters :

  • frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Wireless connection :

  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • codecs: SBC, AAC

Battery :

  • battery life: up to 45 hours with activated noise reduction mode, 60 hours without it
  • headphones in standby mode can work up to 200 hours
  • charging time: 2.5 hours
  • battery capacity: 700 mAh

Features :

  • low latency mode for games and movies
  • the possibility of a wired connection
  • noise reduction


Design and features

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The headphones feature a sleek and understated design. They come in two color options: cream and black. I finally had the chance to review the cream version. With medium dimensions, they are suitable for outdoor use, and they are relatively lightweight at around 240 grams. Constructed entirely from matte plastic, they are resistant to greasy marks and fingerprints. The ear pads and headband are crafted from eco-leather. While the assembly is solid, my unit had a slight creak when turning the left ear cup. However, after a few turns during use, this issue disappeared.

The headphones have a sophisticated design that makes them easy to carry in luggage or fold into a backpack for convenient storage. They remind me of studio headphones, particularly the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X.

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The ear cushions are exceptionally soft, ranking high among all others I have encountered, and the headband matches this level of softness. The overall fit on the head is outstanding, especially for full-size headphones. They sit comfortably without applying pressure, almost feeling weightless. However, the lack of perforation on the ear pads may cause sweating in high temperatures. The material on the ear cushions is dense, which could potentially impact the sound, although the sound quality itself does not warrant significant attention. The inner part of the earphone features a side marking with the model name, while the outside includes Braille markings for individuals with visual impairments.

  • a unique sound adjustment method is used, a small equalizer correction of problem areas in the high-frequency range caused by Bluetooth, which ensures high-quality sound. You will not get tired while listening, it combines deep bass and free vocals
  • Final Audio UX2000 are equipped with hybrid noise reduction, traffic noise and various everyday sounds are eliminated, in order to enjoy music anywhere. Noise canceling works not only for music, but for phone conversations, to emphasize your voice
  • the presence of a game mode that reduces the delay to 45 ms for a quick response, which is relevant for shooters
  • 2 color versions to suit your taste
  • a perfect fit thanks to the soft ear cushions and headband, and the cups rotate in order to take the required angle of inclination for your head as accurately as possible. Also, the ear cushions do not let sound out, which allows you to isolate sound waves and provide powerful sound at low frequencies
  • the ability to play music for up to 60 hours on 1 charge without active noise reduction
  • when the battery runs out, you can use a wired connection
  • headphones have a complex design
  • headphones support multipoint connection (multipoint), which allows you to simultaneously connect to them two devices, for example: a smartphone and a laptop.


Controls and functions

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In this section, we will discuss the buttons, controls, and connectivity interfaces, in addition to delving into the noise reduction mode and microphone functionality. The right cup features a 3.5mm wired connection port, while the left cup houses a USB Type-C port for charging, accompanied by a charging indicator.

Control is carried out thanks to the physical buttons on the right cup :

  • the “-” button, when held, switches to the previous track, when pressed once, the volume is reduced
  • “+” button, when held, goes to the next track, when pressed once, increases the volume
  • the “power” button, when held for 5 seconds, the headphones turn on, when pressed once, the track is paused/played, to answer/end the call, press it once, to reject the call, hold for 2 seconds, double press to start the voice assistant. I will add that next to the button there is a headphone charge indicator, it also shows when the headphones are in search mode.
  • “ANC” button when pressed once activates/deactivates noise canceling mode, when pressed twice activates/deactivates low delay mode


The buttons on the Final Audio UX2000 have a distinct tactile sound effect when pressed against your head, producing a satisfying click. This may cause confusion for some users. Surprisingly, the noise reduction mode in these headphones is not just a gimmick. During my testing, I played music on external speakers while the headphones were not playing any sound, ensuring objectivity. Typically, headphones in this price range don’t offer exceptional noise reduction, but the Final Audio UX2000 is an exception.

It effectively cuts off approximately 80% of the entire frequency spectrum, with the greatest reduction in low frequencies. It’s worth noting that high-quality active noise reduction should work in conjunction with passive noise isolation. In this case, the fit of the headphones plays a crucial role in preventing sound leakage and ensuring a seamless listening experience. Thanks to the comfortable and secure fit, there are no gaps, allowing the passive and active noise reduction to work harmoniously. In fact, the noise reduction performance of these headphones rivals that of more expensive models.

Comparing the microphones with my TWS headphones, the Technics AZ60, for a more thorough assessment, I found that the voice sounds cleaner through Technics, albeit more flat and phone-like. On the other hand, FinalAudio accentuates low frequencies, resulting in deeper voices, but compromises the purity of the recording. Consequently, the microphones did not exceed my expectations given their price point. The headphones currently lack an application, but there is a possibility that developers may introduce one in the future. This application could potentially allow users to customize sound settings, toggle noise reduction mode, and monitor battery levels in percentage. Presently, users can check the battery level through the indicator or Bluetooth status bar. Notably, upon initial setup, the headphones are immediately detected by smartphones without any additional steps or delays, eliminating the need for complex pairing processes or frequent charging.

The manufacturer boasts impressive autonomy figures, surpassing the market average, regardless of cost. They claim 60 hours without active noise cancellation and 45 hours with it. Typically, such numbers are achieved in lab settings, so expect around 30% less in real-world use – approximately 40 hours without noise reduction and 30 hours with it. Nevertheless, this is still a commendable outcome, requiring charging only once a week at most.


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I will provide an analysis of the sound quality of the Final Audio UX2000 without making any comparisons to other models, as it is challenging to find competitors within this price range. However, I will first discuss the overall presentation and character of these headphones, as well as their suitability for different music genres. Additionally, it is worth noting that they can be used with a wired connection if the battery runs out, and they are versatile in terms of audio sources, performing equally well with both phones and DACs.

Let’s begin with the general presentation, which can be described as dark and V-shaped. Despite this, the high frequencies are still emphasized to convey emotional expressiveness. The midrange is somewhat overshadowed, which is noticeable across all genres, but it does not necessarily detract from the overall musical experience in some cases. The foundation of the sound lies in the bass, which is prominently highlighted and accentuated, making these headphones a definite recommendation for bass enthusiasts.

In terms of music genres, the Final Audio UX2000 performs exceptionally well with electronica and dubstep. These headphones compelled me to listen to these genres, and even as a discerning audiophile, I found myself engrossed for an extended period of time due to their impressive performance. Rock music also sounds good, although the overall presentation leans towards the darker side. The mid frequencies are not overpowering, but the highs occasionally make their presence known. However, I would not recommend listening to instrumental music with these headphones.


The bass frequencies are emphasized, powerful, and weighty, showing improvement. While the quality may not be exceptional, it is a good value for the price, providing a solid foundation with variations in bass frequencies. The mid-range frequencies are present, but lack purity, scale, width, and quantity needed for creating a mood when listening to instrumental music and vocals. However, they are tonally accurate, enhancing the brightness of women’s voices. The high frequencies are noticeably emphasized, complementing the punchy lows and adding brightness, particularly suitable for electronic music like dubstep. Occasionally, there may be an excess in high frequencies resulting in some whistling sounds. Overall, the sound profile is emotionally engaging with strong lows and bright highs, ideal for electronic music. However, the lack of emphasis on mid-range frequencies limits their versatility, making them less optimal for instrumental music. The music will play adequately but may lack the details and nuances necessary for a complete musical experience.


In summary, I would like to mention that the budget-friendly model UX2000 from Final Audio has proven to be quite intriguing. While some aspects impressed me, others did not, but overall, these headphones are sure to appeal to a wide range of users. Starting with the design and construction, everything is top-notch, including the ability to fold the headphones and adjust the ear cups for a comfortable fit. The ear cushions are plush and cozy, the headphones are lightweight, allowing for extended listening sessions without strain on the head and neck. The noise cancellation feature was both surprising and satisfying. The microphones are decent, and the sound quality is rich in bass and high frequencies, although the mid-range falls short, making it less suitable for a variety of music genres.

Final Audio UX2000 Review
Final Audio UX2000
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