JBL Tune 235NC: A reliable choice that won’t let you down

JBL Tune 235NC review
JBL Tune 235NC review

The widespread availability of JBL products in various hardware stores may lead some to view them as common mass-market items. However, I see the brand’s popularity as a positive indicator, especially considering its establishment in 1946. In this review of the JBL Tune 235NC, we will assess if the brand continues to uphold its quality standards in the affordable segment and explore why the upcoming TWS line update is noteworthy for music enthusiasts.


The JBL Tune 235NC comes in a sleek plastic design with a distinctive color scheme. The dark headphones paired with bright orange accents create a vibrant appearance. The lightweight plastic case is pleasant to the touch, securely holding the headphones in place with gentle magnetization. The flat shape of the case ensures it remains in a static position regardless of how it is placed.

Charging the Tune 235NC is done through a Type-C port, and the model boasts impressive durability as highlighted by the manufacturer. With a maximum battery life of 40 hours, the case provides 30 hours of charge, allowing for an additional 10 hours of playback without recharging. Despite the noise canceling system reducing overall usage time, the effective blocking of external sounds makes it tempting to keep the ANC feature on.

If the noise canceling feature cannot be disabled, you can adjust it through the JBL Headphones app. The app offers the ability to customize touch controls on the headphones, such as adjusting volume or other functions with a double tap. Additionally, there is a TalkThru mode for easy communication without removing the headphones. However, I found it more convenient to simply remove one earpiece to speak with someone, rather than using the TalkThru feature on the app. JBL Headphones also come with a built-in equalizer that allows users to choose from preset sound profiles or create their own. The default setting is “jazz”, but changing the profile can significantly impact the sound quality – for instance, I personally prefer the “bass” option.


The design of JBL Tune 235NC is a unique blend of minimalism and vibrant accents. The orange color against the dark base gives off a sporty vibe, reminiscent of athletic wear. The elongated leg of the headphones ensures a secure fit, preventing any feeling of them slipping out during sudden movements. Unlike many competitors, the 235NC model is not overly futuristic, opting instead for a simple yet effective design. The medium-sized ear pads provide a comfortable fit without feeling too tight or loose, making them ideal for warmer weather. Additionally, the inclusion of three sizes of ear cushions allows for customizable passive noise isolation, enhancing the overall listening experience.

In addition to commending the integration of touch controls, it is worth noting that the user has the freedom to select their preferred button settings. Furthermore, the functionality of these controls is remarkably straightforward. It is important to highlight that each tap is accompanied by an audible signal, instilling further assurance that the touch input is accurately registered by the sensor. Additionally, a delightful advantage is the adherence to the IPX4 standard, ensuring the headphones are safeguarded against water splashes. This allows users to confidently bring their headphones to the gym or remain outdoors without fretting over a few raindrops.


Before delving into the sound quality of the headphones themselves, it is important to discuss the clarity of your voice during conversations. The manufacturer highlights that the JBL Tune 235NC model is equipped with a 4-microphone system, and this feature is noticeable. Both myself and my conversation partner experienced clear audio when making calls outdoors, which definitely earns the JBL Tune 235NC an extra point.

Now, let’s talk about the sound quality. It is worth mentioning that the equalizer and the profile settings have a significant impact on the overall sound experience. Personally, I found the profile with enhanced bass to be my favorite. Within its price range, the Tune 235NC performs admirably with lower frequencies. The bass is not muffled or heavy, but rather resonant and deep, setting a pleasant mood. By adjusting the profiles, you can achieve cleaner vocals or emphasize certain instruments. However, it is worth noting that the midrange frequencies are the weakest aspect across all profiles. While the Tune 235NC may not be marketed towards audiophiles, it strikes a good balance for everyday use. The JBL Pure Bass technology, present in many models of the brand, adds a melodic touch to the lower frequencies, avoiding a monotonous rhythm or excessive reverberation from percussion instruments. In a way, the bass compensates for the slight lack of fullness in the overall sound, allowing you to enjoy tracks from your “Popular” playlist without being hindered by the reserved midrange.

After thoroughly testing the headphones, I must say that they deserve a higher rating. The combination of their sleek design and impressive sound quality gives the impression of a more expensive model. Whether you are a fan of electronic music, enjoy watching movies, or simply want to enjoy videos, the Tune 235NC provides a satisfying experience.


The model excels in convenience, offering fast connection, customizable settings, no delays, and desynchronization. Whether you seek quiet solitude or need to engage in a Zoom call, the JBL Tune 235NC delivers excellent noise isolation and a reliable microphone. These headphones are like a pair of comfortable sweatpants that you can wear all day, regardless of trends or weather. If you value practicality in your purchases, the 235NC is a reliable choice that won’t let you down.

JBL Tune 235NC review
JBL Tune 235NC
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