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Noble Audio FoKus Triumph Review
Noble Audio FoKus Triumph Review
Noble Audio FoKus Triumph Review

Noble Audio FoKus Triumph: TWS Reimagined

Noble Audio is a company based in California that specializes in high-quality in-ear monitor headphones. The products are developed under the guidance of Dr. John Molton. Due to its reputation and high performance quality, Noble Audio has gained popularity not only among professionals but also among audio enthusiasts. The company has successfully entered the market of TWS headphones, with models like Noble Audio Falcon, Noble Audio FoKus H-ANC, and Noble Audio FoKus Mystique being hit sellers.

Headphones, especially TWS, are a very personal accessory as we carry them with us everywhere. Therefore, it is important that they meet all our needs. The main components of a high-quality relationship between the user and the headphones are the comfort of the fit and the sound quality. Other aspects such as design, microphone performance, noise cancellation, sound transparency, and availability of the application are additional but equally important.

The Noble Audio FoKus Triumph headphones pleasantly surprised me by providing not only the two main components but also a few extras that made my experience really great. But about everything in order.

Unpacking and packaging

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We will begin by examining the compact, black, two-fold box. The cover is vibrant, showcasing an image of headphones with the brand name displayed at the top and the model name at the bottom. The top right corner lists the key features of the headphones, which we will delve into shortly. Upon lifting the cover, we reveal a sleek black box divided into two halves. Inside, the headphones are neatly placed apart from the case, which we will discuss in detail later on.

Delivery set:

  • headphones  Noble Audio FoKus Triumph
  • velor bag for transportation
  • USB type c connector extension (without it you will not be able to charge the headphones)
  • cable USB A – USB type c, for charging headphones
  • a box with replaceable 6 pairs of ear pads, taking into account the ones already installed (3 pairs of ordinary ones and 3 pairs of two flanged ones)
  • user manual


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Acoustic parameters:

  • hybrid two-driver system: 6.5 mm dynamic driver and Cowell xMEMS tweeter
  • resistance: 20 ohms
  • frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Wireless connection:

  • chip Qualcomm QCC3071
  • Bluetooth 5.3 (up to 10 meters)
  • codecs: SBC, AAC, Aptx Adaptive, Qss, LDAC


  • the working time of the headphones is about 7 hours at 50% volume (4 hours during conversations)
  • the battery capacity of the headphones is 45 mAh, and the case is 400 mAh
  • charging time of the headphones is 1.5 hours, together with the case, about 2 hours

Design and ease of use

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The design of the Noble Audio FoKus Triumph and its case is truly remarkable. Starting with the case, the exterior covered with Alcantara gives it a unique and luxurious look. The soft velvet fabric feels pleasant to the touch, making it stand out from other headphone cases. The orange line and LED indicator add a touch of modernity and functionality to the design. Despite being larger than average, the case’s organic shape makes it easy to carry around. The interior’s bright orange color and high-quality plastic further enhance the overall design. The case’s sturdy construction and gentle closing mechanism make it a top-quality choice. Additionally, the inclusion of a special extension cord for charging adds to the thoughtful design of the case.

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The design of the Noble Audio FoKus Triumph is truly remarkable. The combination of black and orange colors on the mirror faceplate is very appealing, resembling caramel. The headphones have an average fit depth, but with 6 pairs of ear cushions, it’s possible to find a comfortable fit. The shape of the headphones is designed to please a wide range of people. In terms of fitting and comfort, they sit normally, but not perfectly. The medium-sized ear cushions with two flanges sit at an optimal depth in the ear canal and provide good isolation from surrounding sounds. Overall, the design and ease of use left a positive impression, making the headphones a pleasure to use. And we haven’t even discussed the sound yet.

Functional capabilities

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In this segment, we will discuss the functionality of microphones and different modes. When it comes to modes, transparency is the only option available. There are two reasons why noise reduction is not included. Firstly, implementing high-quality active noise reduction without causing distortion in audio playback is challenging. Secondly, passive sound insulation is already effective in this case. Despite the minimal impact on production costs, the decision was made not to increase the price by $20 to include noise reduction, which was probably for the best.

Let’s focus on transparency mode, which can be activated through the app or by holding the touchpad on the left earpiece for 3 seconds. Comparing its performance to my Technics AZ60 headphones, Noble provides a more accurate and natural representation of environmental sounds. In terms of transparency level, Noble outperforms Technics. However, there is a drawback: the transparency mode lacks adjustment for its level. When exposed to loud noises, the microphones tend to clip, resulting in crackling sounds. This imperfection detracts from an otherwise solid performance.

Conducting a thorough comparison between the Noble Audio FoKus Triumph microphones and the Technics AZ60, I have once again found that the Noble microphones outshine the Technics, despite the price difference. This comparison was essential for a more objective evaluation and deeper understanding of the products. The stability of the Technics microphones is mediocre, and if they fail to capture voice as well as the Noble microphones, it is considered a drawback. On the other hand, if the Technics microphones outperform in voice recording, it is seen as a positive aspect. In my assessment, I found that the Noble microphones deliver voluminous and clear voice recordings with minimal electronic noise. In contrast, the Technics microphones offer higher recording levels but transmit timbres more flatly and contain more extraneous noises in the recordings. In conclusion, the Noble microphones are undoubtedly of above-average quality, which is a definite advantage.

Management and application

Let’s start with the control of the headphones, I will say right away that I will describe the standard control, but it can be reconfigured to suit yourself.

Left earphone :

  • single press: play/pause
  • double tap: volume down
  • triple tap: increase volume
  • single press during a call: answer the call/end the call
  • hold for 2 seconds: call reset
  • holding for 3 seconds activates transparency mode

Right earphone :

  • single press: play/pause
  • double tap: next track
  • triple tap: previous track
  • single press during a call: answer the call/end the call
  • hold for 2 seconds: call reset
  • holding for 3 seconds starts the voice assistant

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Let’s discuss the “Noble Fokus” app, which can be downloaded from both PlayMarker and AppStore. After installation, it will prompt you to enable location to sync with your headphones, which can then be turned off.

On the main screen, you’ll find the headphone name and image, as well as the charge levels of the left and right headphones. Unfortunately, the case charge level is not displayed. Below the charge level indicator, there’s an equalizer adjustment button. On the right, there’s a control panel with various buttons, which will be explained later. At the bottom, there are functional buttons for pausing/playing a track and switching to the next or previous one. It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t display the artist currently playing. Below that, there’s a button for activating/deactivating the transparency mode. At the very bottom, there’s an unrelated animation indicating that music is currently playing.

The initial option on the menu is the equalizer. Upon selection, users can opt for one of the 6 pre-set configurations or customize their own. There are two methods for customization: the first involves adjusting the 10-band equalizer from 31 Hz to 16 kHz manually, while the second method entails a hearing test. This test begins with low frequencies, where users are presented with varying volume tones between 1 to 3 times. If a tone is not heard, users can adjust the volume accordingly by pressing the appropriate button. This process continues until the highest frequencies are reached, and based on the results, the equalizer settings are adjusted. Personally, I find the standard equalizer preset to be the most suitable, but feel free to experiment with different settings.

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When you select the following option, we have the ability to modify the control settings for you if the default one is not suitable. Within the primary settings, we can eliminate the transparency button from the main display, alter the language of the application, adjust the sound volume (which is synchronized with the phone’s level), and customize the styles, although the benefits of this last option are unclear. The subsequent button enables you to verify the firmware, and if an update is available, you can proceed with the installation. The final button disconnects the headphones from the phone.

The battery life of the Noble Audio FoKus Triumph is decent, lasting approximately 7 hours at 50% volume, which is more than sufficient for casual listening. The frequency range also delivers a satisfactory performance. Throughout my week-long testing, I was unable to deplete the case and headphones, indicating a good battery life. The case can fully charge the headphones three additional times, providing up to 28 hours of playback at an average volume, or around 20 hours at 70-75% volume, which is respectable but not exceptional. Charging the headphones with the case takes approximately 2 hours, making it convenient to charge them once a week.


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The most intriguing aspect of this review is undoubtedly the sound quality. I am unable to compare the sound of the Noble Audio FoKus Triumph with any other headphones, as my Technics AZ60s offer a more straightforward sound, and I do not own any other wireless headphones. I conducted the headphone testing with standard settings, without making any adjustments to the equalizer. This decision was made for two reasons: to maintain objectivity and to cater to my personal preferences, as altering the factory settings could limit the headphones’ versatility across different music genres.

I listened to the headphones using a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone with the LDAC codec enabled. I opted for two medium-sized flanged tips, as they provided a better fit in the ear canal and superior noise isolation. Initially, I will provide an overview of the headphones’ overall characteristics, their genre compatibility, and the emotions they evoke, before delving into a detailed analysis of the frequencies. The headphones exhibit a dark, warm, yet analytical and authentic sound signature. In terms of genre compatibility, they are versatile, with warm signature headphones typically accommodating a wide range of music genres.

I found that all the music styles I typically enjoy listening to sounded excellent on these headphones. The headphones offer an engaging listening experience, with sound separation across different levels preventing a muddled sound, likely attributed to the hybrid design where the speaker handles low and mid frequencies, and the tweeter manages high frequencies. The headphones lack a sharp upper midrange, resulting in a smooth sound, yet maintaining detail in the midrange, albeit not as refined or bright, but rather musical and pleasing. Personally, I found that around 80% volume provided maximum enjoyment, as anything higher was excessively loud, indicating an imbalance in volume levels at the upper end. When necessary, they can deliver high volumes.



My initial introduction to Noble Audio, specifically the Noble Audio FoKus Triumph headphones, provided me with an intriguing listening experience and the satisfaction of putting them to the test. From the sturdy and stylish box to the overall design of the headphones, it’s easy to become enamored with them. The Alcantara-lined case adds to the appeal, and I appreciated the build quality and its gentle closing mechanism.

The presence of a charging adapter may be a bit inconvenient, but it’s something one can adapt to. The key is to ensure it’s connected to the cable to avoid misplacing it. The transparency is superb, and the microphone’s recording quality is above average. The application is solid, although the functionality may not be top-notch. The battery life is average. As for the sound, there’s much to say, but I’ll simply state that it offers a pleasant, warm, and versatile presentation that’s not focused on intricate details, but rather on enjoying the music.

Noble Audio FoKus Triumph Review
Noble Audio FoKus Triumph
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