Panasonic SC-PMX90
Panasonic SC-PMX90
Panasonic SC-PMX90

Panasonic SC-PMX90: The perfect retro Hi-Fi system

Panasonic SC-PMX90

If you are one of those who are still interested in the most classic physical formats of music, you can still find models in stores that combine the traditional with the new trends in the audio market. Of course, if you want to enjoy the best features you will have to spend more than normal and this is demonstrated by the Panasonic SC-PMX90.

Panasonic SC-PMX90 has an absolute classic appearance
Panasonic SC-PMX90 has an absolute classic appearance

Panasonic SC-PMX90EG-K is a high-end audio device that allows you to enjoy high output power with 120W but also a series of quality improvements so that you can achieve a Hi-Fi experience from a wide variety of sources. Of reproduction.

The classic team you’ve known all your life

Panasonic SC-PMX90EG-K

Panasonic SC-PMX90EG-K is handled conventionally

As you can see in the images of the product that accompany this analysis, Panasonic has not wanted to innovate when it comes to its design and here you will find a continuous style that broadly speaking already existed on the market in the 90’s. . A central unit for controlling the actions is accompanied by a pair of woofers on its sides, always in rectangular format.

Unlike its line of micro-systems that allows us to see very fine and more original options from an aesthetic point of view (for example Panasonic SC-HC200EG-K ), keep in mind that here it maintains a fairly large rectangular format in its dimensions and with a weight considerable for you to choose a place in the room in which to place it permanently.

If you stand on its central unit, the excellent quality of manufacturing materials is demonstrated from an aluminum structure in silver gray, as well as a logical distribution that includes a monochromatic LED display in the center, some knobs for volume control or bass levels, small physical buttons for other playback actions and access to the CD tray. As a detail, it is appreciated that its USB and headphone ports are on the front for a quick connection.

Sounds better than you would expect

Panasonic SC-PMX90

Panasonic SC-PMX90 is big but powerful

The brand has been in the audio market for many years and this is reflected in the number of additional features to achieve a more dynamic sound that is suitable for high definition audio formats. In this case, Panasonic SC-PMX90 has 3-way speakers and a silk dome tweeter to reach frequencies up to 50 kHz.

As we indicated above, the power output is 120W in a 2.0 channel distribution so you can use this model even for well-attended parties, while the addition of LincsD-Amp technology works in real time to correct the problems that normally create distortions when playing digital music, such as phase and power supply noise.

Other internal optimizations incorporated by the brand range from aluminum electrolytic capacitors to metallized polyester film capacitors . The former are based on a combination of synthetic mica powder with electrolytic paper, as well as copper-clad steel cables that help gain clarity in playback, while the latter obtain better control of temperature and frequency response.

Playback from multiple sources

Panasonic SC-PMX90EG-K

Panasonic SC-PMX90EG-K allows classic and current formats

The idea that the Panasonic SC-PMX90EG-K allows you to enjoy audio from high-definition sources is explained by the addition of a unique DAC controller and a USB drive system that is compatible with current high-definition audio formats as is the case of DSD, FLAC, WAV and AIFF .

Likewise, other connections present include the aforementioned 3.5 mm headphone output and an auxiliary input so you can play music from other conventional external sources. Do you still have your collection of CDs from past decades? Here you can play physical CD and CD-RW discs , while you also won’t be missing an FM radio tuner with pre-configured stations.

To conclude, modernity is not left out with a built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity that has also been improved to compensate for signals that are lost due to data compression when playing music free of cables. This way you can enjoy a similar high-quality playback experience regardless of whether it comes from your phone, tablet or computer.


  • High sound power (120W)
  • Advanced audio enhancements to achieve Hi-Fi sound
  • Support for playback from various physical sources that includes CDs
  • Support Bluetooth wireless playback


  • No surprises in its design


Panasonic SC-PMX90 Features

Brand panasonic
Guy stereo player
Model SC-PMX90EG-K
Manufacturing materials Aluminum and plastic
Audio output Stereo
Color Silver gray (main unit) and black (woofers)
Sound power 120W power
Speaker type three way
bass reflex Yeah
Connectors Headphone output, 3.5mm auxiliary input
Wireless connectivity Yes, Bluetooth
Screen Monochrome LCD viewfinder
USB port Yeah
Supported formats AAC, AIFF, DSD, FLAC, MP3, WAV
More playback options AM/FM Radio, CD, CD-R/RW
Additional functions Equalizer, alarm, sleep timer, auto power off, remote operation
Power control 220-240V/50Hz

Panasonic SC-PMX90
Panasonic SC-PMX90