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Best floorstanding speakers 2024
Best floorstanding speakers 2024
Best floorstanding speakers 2024

Best floorstanding speakers: Choosing the very best for your home

We have compiled a rating and evaluate the best floor-standing speaker systems. Over the past year, significant changes have occurred in the acoustics market – so our list of awards for leaders in this sector will clearly help you in choosing speakers for your home.

Moreover, it is floor-standing speakers that guarantee the true scale of sound. 

8. Monitor Audio Gold 200

8. Monitor Audio Gold 200

Frequency response – 35 – 50,000 Hz | Sensitivity – 88 dB | Resistance – 4 Ohms | Weight of one column – 21.86 kg

Pros: Exceptional transparency for its price range

Cons – sometimes a little sterile sound

Verdict – excellent high-tech speakers

The development of the Monitor Audio Gold line, the youngest model 200 on the list is a combination of advanced speakers from the Platinum II series and a fairly compact body. Three-way speakers easily develop 114 dB of sound pressure, the used 165 mm RDT II woofers and 64 mm C-CAM midrange, complemented by an MPD tweeter, work wonders. The special HiVe II bass reflex radiates backwards – so the speakers should not be placed close to the wall. Provided they are positioned correctly, they will amaze you with the coherence and clarity of their presentation.

7. Canton Reference 7K

7. Canton Reference 7K

Frequency response – 22 – 40,000 Hz | Sensitivity – 88.5 dB | Resistance – 4 Ohms | Weight of one column – 33 kg

Pros – serious scale, decent dynamics

Cons – I want a little more sophistication

Verdict – German quality at its finest

The grandiose Canton Reference 7K is a synthesis of the German approach to design and achieving high-fidelity sound. Capable of truly big sound, solid imaging and excellent bass, the speakers also offer freedom in room placement (the bass reflex is directed towards the floor) and flexibility in amplification selection. The 180mm TCC speaker cones, made from an alloy of ceramic and tungsten, are a true example of engineering art.

6. KEF LS60 Wireless

6. KEF LS60 Wireless

Frequency response – 26 – 36,000 Hz | Built-in amplification – 500, 100 and 100 Watts | The weight of one column is 31 kg.

Pros – fully finished audio system with good sound

Cons – for your money – nothing

Verdict – columns from science fiction films

Active wireless speakers with support for FLAC, WAV, AIFF, LPCM and Ogg Vorbis, work with built-in streaming clients via the application (Roon certification, AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, Bluetooth) – if you purchase the KEF LS60 Wireless, you will not need anything more – the system is ready . Three-way floorstanding speakers with DSP use proprietary Uni-Q coaxial speakers with Metamaterial Absorption Technology absorbers and a chic low-frequency section in a closed acoustic design. The sparkling sound with a scattering of details will definitely surprise you.
5. Paradigm Founder 120H

5. Paradigm Founder 120H

Frequency response – 22 – 23,000 Hz | Sensitivity – 92 dB | Resistance – 8 Ohm | Weight of one column – 41.7 kg

Pros: incredible stereo imaging, great dynamics

Cons – none

Verdict – best buy

A benchmark for its price group, the Paradigm Founder 120H speakers occupy an unshakable position – their sound can amaze even seasoned audiophiles both in terms of panoramic power and explosive dynamics. Three woofers with CarbonX diffusers dig exceptionally deep, the tonal picture is correct, and the resolution is phenomenal. You will have to tinker with the installation in the room, but after that the speakers will reward you handsomely. And high sensitivity guarantees comfort when selecting amplification.

4. Perlisten S7t

4. Perlisten S7t

Frequency response – 32 – 37,000 Hz | Sensitivity – 92 dB | Resistance – 4 Ohms | Weight of one column – 55.7 kg

Pros – innovative design, excellent resolution

Cons – not the most ideal bass texture

Verdict – the acoustics of tomorrow

Perlisten S7t uses an array of low-frequency speakers (180 mm, Textreme TPCD, they can be turned on either in a closed acoustic design or in bass reflex mode) and an original high-frequency assembly in the Directivity Pattern Control waveguide. An array of beryllium and carbon achieves stunning resolution, but for full-fledged output to the base you will have to work hard – a drop in resistance up to 2 Ohms dictates the use of extremely stable amplification. 117 dB of maximum sound pressure guaranteed by the speakers is no joke.

3. Klipsch Klipschorn AK6

3. Klipsch Klipschorn AK6

Frequency response – 33 – 20,000 Hz | Sensitivity – 105 dB | Resistance – 8 Ohm | Weight of one column – 100 kg

Pros – some of the most impressive speakers on the market

Cons – limited bass

Verdict – classic never gets old

Already, probably the tenth reincarnation of speakers produced since 1946, the Klipsch Klipschorn AK6 “one left” defeats competitors in its price group. The new Klipschorn now gets rid of the legacy of the room horn and the need for installation in the corners of the hall – a closed acoustic design is used. Let’s add an updated neodymium tweeter with a polyamide diffuser, internal wiring with premium cable, as much as 121 dB of sound pressure – and we get mastodons that can really recreate the effect of a wall of sound!

2. Spendor Classic 200

2. Spendor Classic 200

Frequency response – 20 – 25,000 Hz | Sensitivity – 89 dB | Resistance – 8 Ohm | Weight of one column – 55 kg

Pros: great sense of rhythm, natural timbres

Cons – high price

Verdict – “big sound”

The cases in Spendor Classic 200 are very clever – thin side panels are fixed to a special viscous damper system, but the front plate, on the contrary, is made as rigid as possible. Three-way speakers with the famous 31 cm Spendor Kevlar woofers and a completely enclosed acoustic design guarantee incredibly clear bass and amazing rhythm, and impedance above 6 ohms throughout the operating range will not be a problem for amplification.

1. Wilson Audio Alexia V

1. Wilson Audio Alexia V

Frequency response – 19 – 33,000 Hz | Sensitivity – 90 dB | Resistance – 4 Ohms | Weight of one column – 120 kg

Pros – almost perfect speakers just got better

Cons – if only the price

Verdict – Wilson Audio Confirms Leadership

The latest version of Alexia, the Wilson Audio Alexia V is a true triumph for the high end sector of the market. The speakers earn every cent invested in them, offering that same diamond, polish and “open window” sound. The housings are combined from proprietary anti-vibration materials (X-Material, S-Material and V-Material), all the speakers are also “their own” (8 and 10” woofers, 7” QuadraMag midrange and an inch tweeter) – yes, the system will require remarkable amplification, but and the result will be excellent.

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