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Best Subwoofers 2024
Best Subwoofers 2024
Best Subwoofers 2024

Best subwoofers: Elevate your audio experience with the absolute best

Well, it’s time to reward the active subwoofers this year and create an editorial ranking of the best bass modules of the season. Believe me, this market segment will be of interest not only to home movie fans, but also to stereo fans!

8. Magnat Alpha RS 8

8. Magnat Alpha RS 8

Speaker – 8” | Frequency response – from 25 Hz | Power – 80 W | Weight – 8.5 kg

Pros –  excellent price/quality ratio

Cons –  resolution could be higher

Verdict –  Entrance ticket to the world of bass

Real serial industrial production (no handicrafts), in-house developed speakers, huge investments in RnD – it’s no wonder that Magnat Alpha RS 8 sounds clearly “more expensive” than its price, offering a rich, enveloping sound canvas. The subwoofer reaches 80W of continuous power with peaks up to 160W and uses an 8” long throw woofer. The case is assembled from thick fiberboard panels, and the declared frequency response of 25 Hz does not seem like a joke – the device really digs deep.

7. Acoustic Energy AE108-2

7. Acoustic Energy AE108-2

Speaker – 8” | Frequency response – from 38 Hz | Power – 150 W | Weight – 10 kg

Pros:  well-coordinated presentation, unusual scale for a body of this size

Cons –  would like a little more bass depth

Verdict –  the new Acoustic Energy series turned out to be extremely successful

The Acoustic Energy AE108-2 active subwoofer, part of the anniversary series, is designed in a compact case and equipped with built-in 150 W amplification. “On paper” there is nothing special here, except for the size (frequency response from 38 Hz, 8” own driver), but once you turn on the subwoofer, everything falls into place. It’s hard not to fall in love with the clear, coherent and truly large-scale sound.

6. Bowers & Wilkins ASW608

6. Bowers & Wilkins ASW608

Speaker – 8” | Frequency response – from 42 Hz | Power – 200 W | Weight – 8.85 kg

Pros –  transparent and textured bass

Cons –  insufficient bass depth

Verdict –  Bowers & Wilkins confirms its title

Another compact sub is Bowers & Wilkins ASW608. The model provides optimal performance in rooms up to 15-18 m2 – the combination of a closed cabinet with a proprietary woofer with a Continuum diffuser gives a stunning effect. The bass of the Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 is fast, dry and precise – the model just begs to be used not only in cinema, but also on stereo.

5. Klipsch RP 1600 SW

5. Klipsch RP 1600 SW

Speaker – 16” | Frequency response – from 14.5 Hz | Power – 800 W | Weight – 50 kg

Pros:  Staggering attack

Cons –  none

Verdict –  a breakthrough for its market sector

The Mastodon Klipsch RP 1600 SW uses a giant 16” Cerametallic driver with a rigid and lightweight cone, powered by 800W D-amp with peaks up to 1600W. The fifty-kilogram sub easily hits notes below 20 Hz – and in this sense resembles a steel fist in a velvet glove. Bravo.

4.Velodyne Vi-Q12

4. Velodyne Vi-Q12

Speaker – 12” | Frequency response – from 25 Hz | Power – 500 W | Weight – 25 kg

Pros –  elastic, clear and textured bass

Cons –  nothing significant

Verdict –  a landmark device from Velodyne

The closed body of the Velodyne Vi-Q12 is made of 22 mm HDF plates, the thickness of the front wall reaches five centimeters – the model is completely devoid of resonances, and its

The in-house developed 12” carbon woofer with dual magnet system and quad-layer 76mm coil is a showcase of engineering excellence. Calibration using DSP allows the model to fit into almost any room, maintaining the signature style with incredibly elastic low frequencies.

3. MK Sound X12+

3. MK Sound X12+

Speakers – 2 x 12” | Frequency response – from 18 Hz | Power – 600 W | Weight – 45.9 kg

Pros –  the sound has almost everything you could dream of

Cons –  high price

Verdict –  before us – one of the best subwoofers, regardless of the price category

The latest engineering developments from MK Sound are embodied in the X12+ active subwoofer. The latest version of the Push-Pull circuit is used here in a non-isobaric configuration of a pair of 12” long-throw woofers with carbon cones. The resulting symmetrical wave with additional distortion cancellation seems to be a standard both for its group and for devices several times more expensive.

2. REL No. 31

2. REL No. 31

Speaker – 12” | Frequency response – from 17 Hz | Power – 900 W | Weight – 52 kg

Pros –  exquisite presentation, whether in the cinema or on the stereo

Cons –  adjusted for the price – I would like a little more aggression in the cinema

Verdict –  you will definitely like REL

The reference sub from the British REL, model No. 31, is a 12” woofer, 900 W amplification and a frequency response of 17 Hz. The device uses a driver designed from scratch with a carbon fiber cone, 3″ voice coil and 13 lb magnet system. It uses a classic filter and dual parametric REL filters, as well as NextGen 7 D gain with a LimitLess Limiter. The intelligent and refined sound of the model seems unattainable for many competitors, but, as usual for the company, the device is especially good in stereo.

1. Magico SSUB

1. Magico SSUB

Speaker – 2 x 13” | Frequency response – from 15 Hz | Power – 2 x 550 W | Weight – 113 kg

Pros –  reference sound

Cons –  only price

Verdict –  a great sub in every sense

Magico S-SUB is a more affordable version of the even more expensive Titan sub, but the price is still off the charts – High End is expensive! The device uses a pair of proprietary 13” drivers in an all-aluminum housing. The dual 75mm speaker drivers, each driven by a separate 550-watt amplifier (peak system power 3.2kW), operate from 15Hz and reach 120dB SPL. While preserving all the richness of the music – bravo!

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