Edifier P17 Review
Edifier P17 Review
Edifier P17 Review

Edifier P17 Review: Passive speakers with extra elegance

Edifier P17 Review

If you need sound accompaniment for your computer or multimedia player, you always have a pair of compact speakers at your disposal that only need a free place on your desk to allow you to listen to music or the sounds coming from your favorite games or movies. For example, if you want above average quality you have the Edifier P17.

Edifier P17 looks absolutely goregous
Edifier P17 looks absolutely goregous

Edifier P17 are 2.0 channel, 20W power passive speakers that are designed to be your sound complement with any conventional configuration you have on your desk. One of its most notable details in the analysis is found in its design, with an external wooden finish that adds points in its resistance as well as its aesthetics.

The beauty that highlights the manufacturer

Edifier P17 has the best of itself in its design

Edifier is a manufacturer that is among the leaders in the audio device industry and here the protagonist is no exception to the rule. When you receive the product you will notice the quality from the first moment you open the box, since the two speakers and the two 15 cm speaker cables arrive with a well-protected packaging but are easy to open so you can quickly connect them to an amplifier or receiver.

To simplify its configuration, the Edifier P17 is designed so that it can be placed in different types of configurations , whether on shelves, desks or directly on the wall thanks to a built-in support. This way, you can use them as a rear sound channel or surround sound complements for your home theater.

On an aesthetic level, you will notice that it has not stuck with the typical use of black plastic external surfaces but rather a series of boxes made of medium-density wood fiber boards that make them look like old sound systems from past decades. Not only is it something aesthetic to adapt to “vintage” style decorations, but also its composition takes into account the reduction of the resonance levels of the box so that everything sounds faithfully.

Finally, the official dimensions are 128 mm wide, 168 mm deep and 238 mm high, while their total weight is 6 kilograms , so they are not too big but heavy enough for you to place them in a place in your room permanently.

A more reliable sound than it seems

Edifier P17 uses conventional connections

Regarding its technical analysis, it should be noted that the P17 speakers are made up of a silk dome tweeter that reproduces a wider range of high frequencies. When it comes to managing sounds with deep bass, a 4-inch transducer is present that offers low-frequency sound capable of revealing different nuances in the sound. And as if that were not enough, each speaker has a bass reflex port that adds more power to the woofer.

The official figures highlight a 2.0-channel audio system capable of reaching a traditional power of 20W , in addition to a frequency range of 55 – 20,000 Hz, obstruction levels of 6 Ohm and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 77 dB. . Do you need anything else? There is no shortage of high-quality crossovers that guarantee balanced sound equalization.

Comparison with the Edifier MR4

Edifier P17 is good listening but without much power

If you are interested in other similar models from the same manufacturer, you can see the Edifier MR4 as a similar option in its design and operation. Their dimensions are almost identical but at the same time they are lighter at 4.5 kilograms , while their aesthetics are much simpler with a plastic surface that can be purchased in both black and white.

The specifications of Edifier MR4 put it above in the analysis especially for two details, one is its total audio output power that is doubled in comparison with 2 x 21W, and another is the access on its right speaker to an auxiliary port 3.5 mm and another for you to quickly connect your headphones, as well as a volume knob that also serves as a power button when pressed for several seconds.


  • Elegant design with wooden box
  • Acceptable sound quality, especially in handling bass and bass tones
  • Price-performance ratio


  • Could have more connections available
  • A little heavier than expected


Edifier P17 Specifications:

Brand Edifier
Model P17
Dimensions 128mm x 168mm x 238mm
Weight 6 kilograms
Colors Wood brown
Lightning No
Power 20W
Frequency range 55 – 20000Hz
Obstruction 6 Ohm
Signal to noise ratio (SNR) 77 dB
Connectivity Wired
Feeding Alternating current (100-240V)
Box contents Speaker, Power cord, User manual, mounting brackets included

Edifier P17 Review
Edifier P17