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Edifier R1080BT
Edifier R1080BT
Edifier R1080BT

Edifier R1080BT: Good sound at a reasonable price

Edifier R1080BT

Have you decided to improve your sound equipment this year? Music is a pleasure, but nowadays we use sound systems for much more: podcasts, movies, series… The variety and quantity of content is spectacular and it makes more and more sense that we opt for products that help us enjoy them. The best way possible. You don’t even need to invest too much, although if your budget allows you of course you can aim for the stars if that’s what you want. Don’t you need that much? But you don’t want to give up good quality. We have what you are looking for. Today we talk to you about the  Edifier R1080BT , a speaker system that helps us have it all at a fairly affordable price if we buy it with other similar models.

Edifier ‘s proposal  is attractive to say the least: the design is beautiful, the power and sound quality is more than acceptable and the price will not leave us eating rice for the rest of the month.

Of course, don’t expect it to be perfect: just as it has its lights, it also has its shadows. Let us tell you what you can expect from it, what its best specifications are and where you can buy it today at the best price.



This Edifier R1080BT is a product that, for a sound system, is not particularly bulky or heavy, although in any case it is not designed for mobility. It has dimensions of 238 x 155 x 115 mm and a weight of 4 kg . Available in  cream white  , with touches of yellow on the front, and also in  total black .

We have the connections on the back, so we recommend that you do not stick it to the wall, so that you can use its important back part comfortably. At the top we find the physical buttons and the knob control to adjust the volume.

Likewise, they have small  legs so that they do not rest directly on the ground, which could be a nuisance for the neighbors, in addition to promoting annoying vibrations.

Edifier R1080BT 65

Designed with a high-quality classic wooden enclosure, this helps us minimize acoustic resonance and also reduce distortion as much as possible. Its classic but elegant design will go well with practically all decorations.

This sound system consists of  two speakers . Let’s find out what its technical sound specifications are.


Of course, beyond the fact that it is a beautiful product, we must not forget that we are dealing with a sound product and, therefore, its technical specifications are what must be valued most when purchasing it (or at least evaluating its buys).

We find  four drivers and an output power of  24 W (RMS). It adapts very well to the spaces in your home to offer us fantastic sound, wherever we are, it fits very well to make the most of its capabilities.

I really like this product because it has an  integrated digital signal processing (DSP) chip , which improves the sound and two-way active crossover control. We achieve greater clarity and, together with its two 4-inch bass/mid drivers, we obtain more intense bass and a very interesting bass control. For the treble, we have two treble drivers with 0.75-inch silk diaphragm, also so that this nuance is not left in no man’s land and is well resolved. I find this information especially interesting, since it is very common that we normally see that it is the bass that takes center stage, but if you really like music with nuances, the treble is also important.

The frequency range is  67 – 20000 Hz and the sensitivity is 85 dB .

Edifier R1080BT

Connectivity and compatibility

We must not lose sight of the fact that we are dealing with a  wireless and wired product and, therefore, we must carefully review what its connectivity options are and what it can offer us. In this case, this Edifier R1080BT offers us  Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity , as well as  dual RCA inputs and a 3.5 mm jack .

Here the issue of compatibility comes into play, since thanks to these entries we can use it with  mobile phones, PCs, iPads, laptops …


It is a fairly complete and round sounding product taking into account the price range in which we are operating. However, there are a couple of things it is missing. We miss that it has  WiFi or NFC connectivity , to favor more options to connect it wirelessly to our device.

We would also have liked some  compatibility with voice assistants and a built-in microphone so we could interact with it. In any case, as you see, these are things that are not important.


  • Excelent sound
  • Fairly reasonable price
  • It has several entries
  • It has a fairly compact size
  • With the possibility of using it wirelessly or wired
  • Takes good care of both the bass and the treble


  • Equalization and sound modes are limited
  • It does not have a microphone nor is it compatible with voice assistants


Edifier R1080BT Specifications:

Guy Two speakers
Color Black White
Dimensions 238 x 155 x 115mm
Weight 4kg
Paws Yeah
Drivers 4
Output power (RMS) 24W
Chip Integrated digital signal processing (DSP) chip
Frequency range 67 – 20000Hz
Sensitivity 85dB
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.1 / RCA inputs / 3.5 mm input
Compatibility Mobile phones, PCs, iPads, laptops…

Edifier R1080BT
Edifier R1080BT
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