Sangean RA-101Sangean RA-101
Sangean RA-101

Sangean RA-101 Review: Retro, cool and classic Radio

Sangean RA-101
Sangean RA-101

They say that, when it comes to fashion, everything comes back. Bell-bottoms, vinyl and the controls of the first consoles are back. Retro is always in fashion and this product that we are going to show you today perfectly complies with this maxim. If, like me, you like vintage design, today we want you to get to know the  Sangean RA-101 , a radio with good, very modern technologies and an appearance that seems taken from another era.

In this article we are going to tell you what you can expect from it, if it is a Sangean model that is just a pretty face or if, on the contrary, it is going to meet your expectations and needs. Don’t miss everything we have to tell you about Sangean RA-101 and, if you like it, at the end of this content we leave you the best offers so you can buy it today. Fiance.


Design of the Sangean RA-101

This Sangean RA-101 is a  portable radio with a retro design but very elegant and beautiful at the same time. At first glance, it looks like an old radio, similar to a wooden piece of furniture that is covered by synthetic leather and on the top of which we find the tuning controls (radio button, mode button and volume button). It is very easy to use and will look ideal in that little corner of your living room or bedroom that you have put so much care into.

If you like it, take measurements: its dimensions are  205 x 158 x 80.7 mm and its weight is  860 grams . It is available in two color combinations:  black and gold or green and gold . In addition, on its upper part it has a  handle to make it easier for us to move it if we plan to move it from one room to another (or even if we are going to take it outside the home). Its finishes let us see that we are looking at a product with a very careful design and very well built, resistant and durable, as well as beautiful.

It does not have a screen, something that, although from my point of view may be a handicap, the truth is that it helps us better maintain that traditional aesthetic. Yes, we would have liked to have a small display, even if it was on the back, so that we could control the status of the battery or the radio coverage signal at a glance. This is not the case, but, at least, it was not a whim of the manufacturer, it is more than justified taking into account the design of this model and, in this case, we can ignore the fact that it does not come with a screen.


There is no doubt that its design attracts a lot of attention, but it is worth highlighting its technical characteristics and the possibilities of use that it will give us in our daily lives. In this case, we can mention that, without being the best in terms of sound on the market, it strives to give us the best for its price range.

The Sangean RA-101 has a 57 mm configuration  , an impedance of  4 ohms and an output power of  5W if we select the  FM Radio or  10W if we choose to play music or other content from its auxiliary input or Bluetooth.


It is worth noting that, if you need more power, this speaker gives it to us. And it has the  True Wireless option so that we can enjoy stereo sound and thus be able to place a speaker in each room as a “threaded music” or multiply the sound.

As we told you, you can choose to tune the radio or use it with external sources. You have a  3.5 mm auxiliary port and also Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity  , so we can play our music remotely, without the need for cables. You can modernize it and use Spotify or any other platform. It also has an external FM cable antenna input , in case your radio alone does not get good coverage, with this the problem is over. Another port that we find is the  USB-C , which works as a charging port and, thanks to the fact that it is universal (today practically all smartphones and electronic devices use this type of cables) it will be very convenient for us and we will not have to worry about using proprietary cables.


Finally, we want to talk about its battery. With a capacity of  2,600 mAh , it offers us an autonomy of up to 19 hours . A very generous figure so that it lasts us for days and days without having to worry about charging it, even if we use it for a long time each day. Or if you want to use it for a party or meeting at home, you will also free yourself from having to worry about the battery, since it lasts a long time.


The Sangean RA-101 is a very interesting product, whether you are looking for a treat or an original gift for someone else, it is a device that will not go away indifferent. In addition to being very attractive in terms of design, it also has practical functionalities, offers a good battery and is very easy to use.


  • Small and lightweight design
  • Good value for money
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Good sound power
  • Good autonomy
  • Can be used in stereo mode by pairing it to another device
  • It has FM radio
  • Charges via USB-C


  • It does not have a screen
  • Does not have WiFi or NFC


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