Top 10 best subwoofers right now

What is a home theater without a dedicated bass module, and what is a compact Hi-Fi without significant bottom support? Well, to help you choose and buy a subwoofer, our new ranking of the most […]

Looking to buy a new subwoofer? Here are the top 8 subwoofers right now

What is a home theater without a dedicated bass module, and what is a compact Hi-Fi without significant bottom support? Well, to help you choose and buy a subwoofer, our new ranking of the most important models on the market today comes to the rescue.


10. Mission MS-400

Speaker size – 9 8” Frequency response – from 35 Hz Weight – 17 kg .

Pros – natural sound for relatively little money

Cons – I want a little more permission

Perfect for: economical music lovers

The new Mission MS-400 grabs a star from the sky in terms of its price / quality ratio – 215 watts of digital built-in amplification power is more than enough for even a larger than average room, and the brand’s energetic presentation will make your legs dance on their own.


9.Acoustic Energy Aelite Sub

Speaker Size – 8.7 ” Frequency response – from 35 Hz Weight – 23 kg .

Pros – dry and accurate bass

Cons – a little lack of depth of the lowest notes

Perfect for: fans of the English school of sound

Already 200 watts of built-in amplification, fast and clear sound, so characteristic of Acoustic Energy – Aelite Sub is really surprising, and doubly pleasant when you find out the price tag of the device. The closed cabinet guarantees excellent resolution and bass punch. Indeed, for such a quality they used to ask for a much larger amount – progress is sweeping the planet.


8. Dali SUB E-12F

Speaker Size – 12 ” Frequency response – from 28 Hz Weight – 14.7 kg .

Pros – large-scale supply for relatively little money

Cons – for the money – nothing

Perfect for: those who want to purchase a “big sound” at an affordable price!

Dali’s ultra-modern solution is a full-format 12″ aluminum cone driver with a long gap magnet system and a four-layer voice coil, which can seriously pump a large room, a solid cabinet and excellent decoupling from the floor. The sound is also impressive – there can be no nitpicking in the indicated price segment.


7. Morel SoundSub PSW10

Speaker Size – 10 ” Frequency response – from 25 Hz Weight – 15 kg .

Pros – exquisite design, natural sound

Cons – sometimes you want a little more pressure

Perfect for: choosing a respectable solution for the home

The Morel SoundSub PSW10 spherical subwoofer is aimed at medium-sized halls – on an area of ​​​​up to 25 “squares” it provides a chic “velvet” sound. Extremely low distortion, excellent appearance – we have a model that clearly shows that the bass module may not look like a black box.


6. REL-T9x

Speaker Size – 10 ” Frequency response – from 27 Hz Weight – 20.6 kg .

Pros – perfect for music, does not give up in movies

Cons – none

Perfect for: The bigger model of the REL T series has absorbed all the advantages of a proprietary approach

REL T9x is no longer equipped with digital, but with full-fledged AB-class transistor amplification, its power reaches 300 watts. The proprietary FibreAlloy radiator is complemented by a passive radiator directed to the floor, the appearance is on a solid “five”, the sound is exclusively musical. What else to dream about?


5. Paradigm Seismic 110

Speaker Size – 10 ” Frequency response – from 17 Hz Weight – 1 6.8 kg .

Pros – great value for the small size

Cons – not found

Perfect for: Those who want to get the maximum from the minimum volume

Yes, this is what the new generation of subwoofers looks like – in a 34 x 30 x 32 cm cabinet, Paradigm engineers fit amplification with a peak power of 1,700 watts! As a result, Seismic 110 “pumps” from 17 Hz and makes the hair on the back of the neck stand on end. Bravo.


4. SVS 3000 Micro

Speaker size – 8″ Frequency response – from 23 Hz Weight – 10.2 kg .

Pros – The famous SVS quality has come to the compact subs segment

Cons – nothing major

Perfect for: choosing a miniature and stylish solution

Another modern swallow – from the respectable company SVS. The 3000 Micro subwoofer, like the device described above, is made in a very tiny case (28 x 26 x 27 cm), has a 2500 W peak Sledge amplification and plays from 23 Hz (a pair of 8” speakers has a stroke of 24 mm). Well, this is exactly what the bass module of the 21st century should look like – it is especially pleasant that the company’s developers did not “throw out the baby with the water.” The sound of the device is exceptionally muscular and spectacular.


3. MJ Acoustics Kensington

Speaker Size – 10″ Frequency response – from 10 Hz Weight – 27 kg .

Pros – Stunning quality of low notes

Cons – form factor “for an amateur”

Conclusion: the flagship of the MasterClass series is really amazing

Full-format dual-driver cabinet, 550 watts of traditional amplification, a stunning 10 Hz low frequency – MJ Acoustics Kensington is worth hearing at least once. Just be careful, after that, you will probably really want to buy a model.


2. Cabasse The Pearl Sub

Speaker Size – 10 ” Frequency response – from 14 Hz Weight – 20 kg .

Pros – a solid supply of power in a compact body, embossed bass

The only downside is the price…

Perfect for: owners of AS Cabasse iO3, Riga 2 and Baltic 5

Yes, Cabasse The Pearl Sub was designed to work with the Cabasse iO3, Riga 2 and Baltic 5 speakers – they have a separate built-in amplification. However, to this day, its 1,000 watts of built-in power, great looks and traditional high-definition bass amaze even seasoned audiophiles.


1. Velodyne DD-18+

Speaker Size – 18″ Frequency response – from 8.8 Hz Weight – 64.5 kg .

Pros – great sound pressure and delivery accuracy

Cons – big and expensive

Perfect for: choosing the ultimate solution for recreation and music

The top of the pyramid. A huge 18” driver works wonders, THX Ultra2 certification confirms the seriousness of the design, and DSP from Texas Instruments and a room correction system with a measuring microphone make it easy to fit this mastodon into any hall. A truly ultimatum solution is in front of you.

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