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Triangle Borea BR03 Test
Triangle Borea BR03 Test
Triangle Borea BR03 Test

Triangle Borea BR03 Test: Compact perfection

Triangle Borea BR03 is a compact bookshelf speaker with traditional dimensions measuring 206 x 380 x 314 mm. This speaker features a classic two-way configuration and a phase-inverter type of acoustic design. The body is constructed from MDF material and is finished with a film, available in black with a “wooden” texture, as well as dark brown, light beige, and white options. The case offers good damping and the phase inverter ports are clearly visible. When tapped, the speaker produces a resonant sound with minimal overtones. The back panel includes a pair of Triangle stamps for easy connection of banana, spade connectors, or bare cables.

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It is evident that the most intriguing features are situated at the front of the speakers. A unique aspect is that the front panel appears to be seamlessly integrated into the body, allowing us to see the sides of the walls when facing the speakers head-on. Additionally, the two phase inverter ports are positioned at the lower corners. The presence of two ports on the front panel of a bookshelf speaker is not a conventional choice, but it does offer practical benefits such as allowing the speakers to be placed closer to the wall behind them. However, it is recommended to maintain a distance of 70-100 cm between the speaker and any walls.
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The 16 cm mid/bass speaker is positioned slightly higher, featuring a paper diffuser that is white in color. Interestingly, this diffuser can be drawn on with a pencil, and the drawing can be easily erased with an eraser, just like on a regular sheet of paper. The speaker’s suspension is crafted from rubber, enabling it to move with a significant amplitude. Inside the diffuser, there is a plastic ball that moves (as confirmed by tactile feedback) to help equalize the phase. Surrounding the speaker is an insert made of denser rubber to minimize wave reflections from the front wall. Additionally, designers have incorporated two silver plastic semi-circles into this insert for purely aesthetic purposes.
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The standout feature of this speaker is undoubtedly the tweeter. Initially appearing as a standard 25 mm silk dome, it actually offers more than meets the eye. A unique design choice to combat fatigue is its placement within a small horn and incorporation of an EFS system. The key innovation of this system lies in the addition of a “phase plug” in front of the tweeter, effectively minimizing directivity and enhancing the delivery of high frequencies.
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Generally, the speakers’ design elicits positive emotions. It is a rare case where we can confidently assert that the speakers will complement any interior beautifully. For those with a more classic interior, the integration of the front panel into the body seamlessly blends these speakers. On the other hand, in a more modern setting, the speaker’s maximum contrast will enhance its appearance. The assembly quality is impeccable, leaving no room for complaints. I diligently searched for any nuances to criticize, but to my surprise, I found none.


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In my recent experience, these speakers have proven to be the most challenging for the AC test. After spending a few weeks listening to music, I’ve come to the conclusion that conducting FSQ testing to determine the frequency of band separation is unnecessary for these speakers. What truly matters is the final product – the sound, or more accurately, the music. These speakers offer a classic sound in a shelf form factor, with a soft and open mid-range and fast bass that, while not as deep as floor speakers, still delivers a satisfying punch. The Triangle Borea BR03 speakers have a bright sound with warm tones, making them versatile enough to handle both vocal parts and heavy riffs with ease. The tweeter blends seamlessly with the speaker, creating a cohesive sound picture that is both complete and pleasant. Overall, the sound quality can be described as “good” with a cheerful touch, allowing you to enjoy every note without overwhelming your senses.

The stage is set up perfectly, ensuring that the sound is accurate. However, when dealing with anti-phase, the speakers may not be the best fit and could potentially project the sound beyond the physical stage. Listening to Led Zeppelin’s first album, which is rich in stereo effects, it felt like the sound was just right! The bass is subdued, the mid frequencies wrap around you, pulling you into a web of notes and chords that you can’t escape from. The high frequencies blend seamlessly into the musical landscape, adding to the overall quality. With these speakers, there’s no need to analyze the sound in terms of frequency ranges – just turn them on and enjoy the music. They perform well across genres, immersing the listener in the essence of the music.


The Triangle Borea BR03 speakers offer a unique sound profile that can be described as pleasant and lively. While there are other speakers in the same price range that excel in specific aspects such as bass, high frequencies, or detail, when considering the overall sound quality, the Borea BR03 speakers stand out as the best option in their price category based on my personal listening experience during testing.

Triangle Borea BR03 Test
Triangle Borea BR03
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