Wharfedale Aura 2Wharfedale Aura 2
Wharfedale Aura 2

Wharfedale Aura 2: Excellent sound and a well-thought-out design

The Wharfedale Aura 2 speakers are made in a three-way configuration and, despite being quite affordable, have excellent finishes and a well-thought-out design. Although the model has shelf status, in fact, Wharfedale Aura 2 needs to be installed on special racks or, at least, massive furniture cabinets. The speakers are available in three exterior finishes with natural wood veneer.

When developing the speakers, like all models in the series, some technical solutions were used that were previously used in the high-end Elysian line. The Wharfedale Aura 2 features a proprietary AMT ribbon tweeter. Compared to conventional dome, ribbon and planar HF drivers, Wharfedale AMT high frequency drivers offer exceptional accuracy and response speed.


A unique folded diaphragm placed in a powerful magnetic field produces sound waves as accurately as possible without the blurring effect caused by the membrane’s own mass. As a result, high frequencies sound incredibly realistic and detailed, with a richness of harmonic overtones that enhance the perception of vocals and instruments. A special tweeter frame serves to eliminate distortion caused by the re-reflection of sound waves.


The mid-range driver in the Wharfedale Aura 2 has a soft dome on a medium-hard suspension, which eliminates unwanted resonances and makes the sound of vocals and acoustic instruments as natural as possible. The woofer in the Wharfedale Aura 2 is quite large for a model in its class.

It has a diameter of 165mm and features a Kevlar cone with a fixed phase plug. The diffuser is mounted on a semicircular rubber suspension, which ensures its linear movement with a large amplitude. The woofer is equipped with a powerful magnetic system, a lightweight voice coil of increased diameter, and it is mounted on a cast anti-resonance basket. The woofer works in tandem with a slotted phase inverter located at the bottom of the speaker.


The port provides the output of acoustic waves not only forward, but also to the sides, This ensures even distribution of bass throughout the room. Wharfedale Evo 4.2 are not picky about the choice of installation location, although placing speakers in corners is still not recommended.


The crossover is the heart of any speaker system, so special attention was paid to its setup. By precisely dividing the frequency band and matching the acoustic characteristics of each driver, the Wharfedale Aura 2 acoustics provide precise, seamless transition between drivers. The crossover is located on a separate board to minimize electromagnetic interference, and is thoroughly tested for acoustic transparency. Thanks to hundreds of hours of fine tuning using both technical analysis and careful listening, Wharfedale Aura 2 speakers deliver an incredibly realistic sound experience. For connection to the amplifier, an input block of two pairs of reliable screw terminals is provided.



The sloping side panels of the case, as well as the fact that its front panel is wider than the back, ensures dampening of resonances and vibrations that can color the sound. To connect to the amplifier, the model uses two pairs of screw terminals.

Characteristics of Wharfedale Aura 2

  • Amplifier input power: 25 – 150 W;
  • Peak sound pressure level: 103 dB;
  • Nominal impedance: 6 ohms (compatible with 8 ohms);
  • Frequency range: 42 Hz – 22 kHz;
  • Crossover frequencies: 520 Hz, 4.5 kHz;
  • Revolutionary SLPP bass reflex system;
  • HF driver: AMT 27 x 90 mm;
  • Midrange driver: 4-inch dynamic with fiberglass matrix;
  • Low-frequency driver: 6.5-inch dynamic with fiberglass matrix.
  • Dimensions, mm 559 x 279 x 381
  • Weight, kg 10.2


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