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Wiibo Vintage 6 Review
Wiibo Vintage 6 Review
Wiibo Vintage 6 Review

Wiibo Vintage 6: 3-way speakers with a retro touch and a good price

Wiibo Vintage 6 Review
Wiibo Vintage 6

The Wiibo Vintage 6 are HiFi speakers with a 3-way design that promise a clear and defined stereo sound with 100W of power and, as you can see, they boast a look quite marked by retro aesthetics; In addition, they are quite compact and lend themselves to different audio configurations, although yes, we will need a decent HiFi amplifier or receiver to achieve the best results.

On the other hand, if what your heart really desires is a high-end wireless speaker, the Marshall Woburn III with its Rock & Roll aesthetic and 3-way drivers may be what you are looking for.

Retro speakers with modern technology

We will start with the obvious, and that is that these speakers exhibit a minimalist look that is inspired by the aesthetics of the 70s , resulting in a classic-looking product, but made in modern times and with all the benefits of current technology. Be that as it may, these speakers are available in two color presentations to choose from: black and brown, both with a walnut wood finish that gives it a distinctive touch and promises not to clash with home decor.

Wiibo Vintage 6 Diseno de la parte frontal

In addition to their peculiar aesthetics, the Wiibo Vintage 6 can boast of being compact-sized speakers, measuring 57 x 35 x 42 cm each . This not only makes it easier for us to move them around and install them where we need them, but it also means that they can function as side, rear or front speakers within a surround system; or simply as a stereo set.

Turning our attention to the front, we will notice an elegant grille that covers the woofer, tweeter and squaker of the speaker . This grille is removable and stays in place magnetically, making it easy to remove and replace. When looking at the back we will only find the speaker connectors, although it should be noted that the terminals have an anti-corrosion cover , which shows that we are dealing with a highly manufactured product. There is nothing remotely notable on the side edges of the speaker; The same goes for the top, but at the bottom we can obviously expect rubber feet.

Wiibo Vintage 6 Diseno de la parte trasera

Back view

Leaving aside their appearance, which may or may not convince users, these Wiibo speakers have an efficient internal construction that helps deliver a sound full of presence, depth and nuances.


First of all, these HiFi speakers deliver an output of 100 watts with impedance of 8 ohms and frequency response of 40Hz to 20Khz . Their most notable feature is that they are 3-way, something you don’t see every day in this price range, so we give the manufacturer a thumbs up for this decision. Going into details, the Wiibo Vintage 6 consist of a 6.5-inch Woofer that handles the bass, while the mids are in the hands of a 3-inch Squawker. For its part, a 2-inch silk tweeter is responsible for producing the treble.

When it comes to the sound quality itself, well that will depend substantially on the amplifier or HiFi receiver to which they are connected, but assuming that we use a good unit that allows the Wiibo Vintage 6 to reach its maximum potential, then we can achieve great sound quality. sound for the price we are paying.

Wiibo Vintage 6 Sonido

In this order of ideas, its reference sound is characterized by highly emphasized bass , but that at no time are unpleasant, while in the medium frequency the voices are clear and the instruments are correctly differentiated. Likewise, the tweets are well balanced and calibrated with the other frequencies . However, we must warn that if we want deeper bass we will have to supplement the Wiibo Vintage 6, as this range seems to be its Achilles heel.

With all that in mind, these speakers obviously have major limitations and power that doesn’t impress much when considering alternatives, but they’re more than enough to create a home theater experience in a 20 to 25 square meter room, so they’re definitely worth it . the sorrow.

Wiibo Vintage 6 Otras caracteristicas

Wiibo Vintage 6 in brown


Finally, we can establish that these are appropriate speakers for those looking for a 3-way audio solution that does not cost a fortune. Its sound is cool and warm, while the 70s-look finish is elegant and doesn’t clash with home decor. Finally, while it is true that there are more powerful speakers for the same price, we must take into account that these options are probably bidirectional, and that is what tips the balance in favor of the Wiibo Vintage 6 in this segment of the market. On another note, if you were expecting additional features or wireless connectivity, unfortunately you will be disappointed, because as we said before, these are quite simple speakers that have only one goal in mind, but fortunately they accomplish it very well.


  • Good sound for the price
  • 3 way
  • Vintage Design
  • Removable grille


  • A little basic

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