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Magnat Signature 507: Reliable and gorgeous floorstanders

The Magnat Signature line included five models: 3.5 and 4-way floorstanding speakers, three-way bookshelf speakers, a center channel and an active subwoofer. A distinctive feature of all Signature...

Magnat Signature 507
Magnat Signature 507

The Magnat Signature line included five models: 3.5 and 4-way floorstanding speakers, three-way bookshelf speakers, a center channel and an active subwoofer. A distinctive feature of all Signature models is the presence of an assembly of two tweeters of different calibers – such an assembly can even be installed in shelf stands.

Large, with a 1.2-inch dome and rigid surround, it provides reliable connection with the midband, and is filtered at 17.5 kHz on top. Above comes a 20mm super tweeter that operates right up to 53 kHz. Both tweeters have neodymium magnetic systems and are slightly recessed into the platform on which they are installed – due to this, short waveguides are obtained that form the optimal total radiation pattern in the upper range.


The models’ bodies are made of MDF. The speakers are held in place by flanges that are secured with six screws. The protective grilles are mounted on pins – after all, the initial line. As the developers stated, the crossover was customized for each specific acoustic system. The terminals on the rear panel allow you to connect speakers via bi-wiring or bi-amping. All models are available in a black oak finish with a high-gloss black front panel or in a mocha finish with a matte front panel.

The Magnat Signature 507 model does not in any way betray that it belongs to the junior line – it has a tall body, a nice design and a solid set of speakers connected in a four-way circuit.

The bass section is made up of two 17 cm drivers with impregnated cellulose diffusers. Their design is developed in accordance with the proprietary FE-Dynamics principle, according to which a ferrite magnetic system, durable non-magnetic baskets with ventilation of a large voice coil ensure minimal electrical and mechanical losses. Thanks to this, all the energy supplied from the amplifier is converted into mechanical vibrations while completely preserving the original signal shape.


To reduce nonlinear distortions when designing drivers, studies were also carried out using a Klippel installation – the movement of the diffuser was scanned with a laser beam and areas where local deformations occurred were identified. After eliminating the detected defects, the membranes retain the piston mode of motion (with minimal distortion) over a wider frequency range. The bass pair works in a bass-reflex design, and there are also two branded Air-Flex ports on the rear wall. The bell in their outlet part prevents the occurrence of air turbulence and, as a result, extraneous sounds. The lower operating limit of Magnat Signature 507 is stated at 23 Hz


Everything that is said about low-frequency drivers also applies to mid-frequency drivers. They have the same caliber, the same diffusers and all the same technologies. The only difference is the mass of the moving system – it is lighter, which ensures an increased reaction rate. This is important because The emitter operates in the range 400 – 2800 Hz, here our ear is very sensitive to various kinds of sound defects.

The bands in the Magnat Signature 507 are divided by third-order filters with a slope of 24 dB per octave. A phase-linear circuit assembled from selected components allows multi-wire connection to an amplifier. Two pairs of universal screw terminals – gold-plated, high quality.


The cases are made of dense MDF with internal struts to increase rigidity. At the base there are stems with spikes. The front shield is glossy black, the sides can be matte black or mocha brown. Fabric grills are mounted on pins.

Characteristics Magnat Signature 507

Configuration: 5 emitters, 4 bands
Acoustic design: bass reflex
Frequency range: 23 – 53,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 92 dB
Crossover frequencies: 400, 2800, 17500 Hz
Impedance: 4 – 8 Ohms
Nominal/maximum power: 200 /350 W
Recommended amplifier power: from 30 W
Finishes: matte black, mocha and glossy front panel
Dimensions (with supports): 286 x 1070 x 332 mm
Weight: 18.8 kg (each)